Sad News of a Highly Respected Member

It is with great sadness that I have to report that Neil Hamilton has sadly died as a result of injuries sustained in a Road Traffic Collision recently. Neil joined our group last year as a diploma holder and became one of our Advanced motorcycle tutors.

I first met Neil last year and I was struck by his enthusiasm for all things motorcycle related but he had a passion for Rider Safety that shone like a beacon.  He was a very experienced and highly qualified rider which I found out when I rode with him.

He was starting to become heavily involved in group activities and I looked forward to Neil's group involvement in 2013, he did have one or two initiatives he mentioned to me and wanted to pursue this year for the benefit of the group no doubt based around his 'training stories'

Unfortunately we as a group will not benefit from Neil's input now.

Cleveland RoADAR Group would like to extend our deepest sympathies to Neil's family and friends.

He will be sadly missed.

Steve Darby


One thought on “Sad News of a Highly Respected Member
  1. I wish to take this opportunity to thank those of you who attended Neil's funeral, especially those who joined the cortege in accompanying him to the Crematorium on your motorbikes.  He will not only be greatly missed by me, his wife and his biker sons, Mark and Chris; but also his many friends he has made through his motorcycle activities.  We will be carrying on Neil's campaign to raise awareness of looking out for motorbikes, to other road users, to perhaps save other families having to endure the grief and loss we are experiencing now.

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