RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders – Cleveland Bike Tutors

Derrick Walton

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Andy Dowson 

I have always enjoyed riding since I was young, and I decided to develop my riding skills further after doing a day with Cleveland Police Bike Safe.
From there completing my RoSPA advanced riding and becoming a member of Northumbria Blood Bikes.

Further training from Ridewell Tees Valley.
Progressing on to Bike tutor for Cleveland Roaddar and bike assessor for Northumbria blood bikes. I also completed RoSPA car advanced driving at Gold, and hobbies covering trail riding with the TRF on group events and annual meetings. And thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing.šŸ˜€

Steve Clark

I came to motorcycles in 2017 with I have been away from bikes for a long time. I joined IAM Institute Advanced Motorcycles and I passed with a high result. I then joined the Blood Bikes as a volunteer and rode with them for 3 years. I found it very rewarding. From there I joined RoSPA and Cleveland Roadar group. During my time with the group, I achieved a Gold qualification and currently training for my car qualification. At present, Iā€™m currently a bike tutor and have had some great times meeting really nice people. 
Regards Steve Clark


Steve Tulloch

Steve Tulloch (Retired)

ROSPA Gold Cars & ROSPA Gold Bikes
Committee Member & Events Coordinator

British Cycling NEG Moto Marshall
British Triathlon
Moto Technical Official


Richie Wolstenholme 

“I have always loved driving, and the natural extension was to ride a bike, and passed my test in my early 30ā€™s. Since then, I have been bitten badly by the bug! I have progressed from a Gold standard rider to an Observer and Advanced Observer with RoADAR. I am an assessor for Cleveland Bloodrun EVS.

As a Police Advanced Driver and Rider, I am privileged to have been trained by the best, and now want to pass those skills on to others.

I have met some great people over the years – I am looking forward to meeting many more!    

Roger Oldroyd  







Ken Tait

Started motorcycling in 1964 on an NSU. Quickly progressed to a Garrelli 150 scooter then passed test in 1966. Had various British bikes and rode up to 1974 when the inevitable family came along and abandoned biking until 2001 when I purchased a GPZ 550 and found the need to undertake further training, finally joining Cleveland RoADAR gaining a Gold pass in 2013, and progressed to tutor in 2016.

Maintained Gold standard to current day

Presently riding F900 XR and Pan European ST 1300 and enjoying every minute of it