RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders – Cleveland Bike Tutors

Derrick Walton

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Andy Dowson 

I have always enjoyed riding since I was young, and I decided to develop my riding skills further after doing a day with Cleveland Police Bike Safe.
From there completing my RoSPA advanced riding and becoming a member of Northumbria Blood Bikes.

Further training from Ridewell Tees Valley.
Progressing on to Bike tutor for Cleveland Roaddar and bike assessor for Northumbria blood bikes. I also completed RoSPA car advanced driving at Gold, and hobbies covering trail riding with the TRF on group events and annual meetings. And thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing.šŸ˜€

Steve Clark

I came to motorcycles in 2017 with I have been away from bikes for a long time. I joined IAM Institute Advanced Motorcycles and I passed with a high result. I then joined the Blood Bikes as a volunteer and rode with them for 3 years. I found it very rewarding. From there I joined RoSPA and Cleveland Roadar group. During my time with the group, I achieved a Gold qualification and currently training for my car qualification. At present, Iā€™m currently a bike tutor and have had some great times meeting really nice people. 
Regards Steve Clark


Steve Tulloch

Steve Tulloch (Retired)

ROSPA Gold Cars & ROSPA Gold Bikes
Committee Member & Events Coordinator

British Cycling NEG Moto Marshall
British Triathlon
Moto Technical Official


Richie Wolstenholme 

“I have always loved driving, and the natural extension was to ride a bike, and passed my test in my early 30ā€™s. Since then, I have been bitten badly by the bug! I have progressed from a Gold standard rider to an Observer and Advanced Observer with RoADAR. I am an assessor for Cleveland Bloodrun EVS.

As a Police Advanced Driver and Rider, I am privileged to have been trained by the best, and now want to pass those skills on to others.

I have met some great people over the years – I am looking forward to meeting many more!    

Roger Oldroyd