RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders – Cleveland Committee

Chairman – Derrick Walton

Hi everybody, 

My name is Derrick Walton and for my sins, of which there are many, I am the Chairman of the RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders (RoADAR) Group Cleveland. 
I am one of the founder members of the group which has been running for over 20 years.

I am a RoSPA Examiner for cars and motorcycles and have been since the inception of the group. I am the holder of RoSPA Gold certificates for cars and motorcycles and RoSPA Diploma for cars.

RoADAR Cleveland is a mixed group of cars and motorcycles and current membership numbers can be found elsewhere on this site. I am proud to be the head of a very active group which functions at a high level due to the massive efforts of the Committee. Administration of the group is definitely a team effort and without the rest of the team, we would not be where we are today. There is no ‘I’ in ‘TEAM’.

As well as promoting and training advanced driving and riding for the membership from as far afield as Northumberland, Durham, Cleveland and North Yorkshire we also have an active social group partaking in ride outs, drive outs, culinary adventures and guest presenters at our monthly meetings held at Pitman Training, Middlesbrough (previously The Princess Alice).

My work CV includes 8 years in the Military followed by 30 years police service, 26 years of which were in Roads Policing (Road Traffic Patrols, Motorcycle Section and Crash Investigation).

After my Police Service, I was a Health and Safety Advisor for a national energy company specialising in driving skills and road safety issues. 

The aim of the Committee is to promote and expand the group further by increasing membership, particularly among younger drivers and riders in the hope we can reduce the average age of the group to below pension age!!

I hope that, after reading the contents of the website you will see the benefit of improving your driving and/or riding skills.

I would not profess that Advanced Drivers and Riders are exempt from having accidents but they are certainly less likely to be involved in collisions.

We look forward to hearing from you

Safe driving and riding 
Derrick Walton 

Vice Chairman – Markus Hammler






Secretary – Dick McReddie


I am the group’s Secretary so if you have any questions then please get in contact. I’ve been riding bikes for longer than I care to remember and have a Fireblade at present. I hold RoSPA Gold in both bikes and cars. I’m an Advanced Tutor for both cars and bikes. I am also a motorcycle test examiner for IAM Roadsmart.


Treasurer – 


Car Co-Ordinator – Nigel Cook

I have been interested in advanced driving for many years having taken a Paul Ripley Defensive Driving and Skid Control course back in 1994 and more recently involved with the IAM and currently an advanced tutor for RoSPA.



Motorbike Co-Ordinator – Ken Tait

Started motorcycling in 1964 on an NSU. Quickly progressed to a Garrelli 150 scooter then passed test in 1966. Had various British bikes and rode up to 1974 when the inevitable family came along and abandoned biking until 2001 when I purchased a GPZ 550 and found the need to undertake further training, finally joining Cleveland RoADAR gaining a Gold pass in 2013, and progressed to tutor in 2016.

Maintained Gold standard to current day

Presently riding F900 XR and Pan European ST 1300 and enjoying every minute of it



Motorbike Training Officer – 


Car Training Officer – Ged O’Hare

Here’s a breakdown of my driving ‘career’!
1988  – to 2013  IAM.
 IAM Advanced Test 1988.
Observer for Hartlepool Group 1988.
1989  Senior Observer test.
2008 (approx) became part of the  Regional Training Team, region 4 (which was by invitation only).
2010 Took IAM Special Assessment Test (which later was renamed IAM MASTERS (a requirement of being a Regional Training Team member).
MASTERS Mentor .
I was also Chair of the Hartlepool group for a short period before it merged with Durham and Sunderland,  to become NECAM (North East Central Advanced Motorists).
2013 – to current date RoSPA Cleveland.
2013 joined RoSPA Cleveland (Cleveland-RoAdar).
2013 Advanced test at GOLD.
2013 Invited to become Training Officer for cars.
2013 Advanced Tutor Test.
and several tri-annual tests to date.
Current position held: Training Officer  (cars) & I am also one of the group’s car tutors.