RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders – Cleveland Examiners

Derrick Walton

I am currently an Advanced Tutor and examiner for RoSPA covering both cars and bikes although it is fair to say I tend to concentrate more on the bike side. I have held this position since the start of the Cleveland Group in 1998, a role I find both challenging and enjoyable. I am hoping to take a step back from the examination at the end of the year and concentrate more on tutoring and becoming a lot more hands-on with the group in this respect so hopefully, I will meet a few of you in the future.
Regards Derrick

Nick Walker

I was invited to become an examiner for RoSPA in 2009 whilst I was still serving as a Motorcycle Sergeant in Cleveland Police. 
Primarily I am a bike examiner, but, as and when a bundle of car tests come through, I’ll help out there as well.
At the time of writing, I’m still a DVSA Registered motorcycle trainer and carry out work for BMW Rider Training.  I’m slowly transitioning into retirement, so limit my work there to developing new trainers, along with delivering BMW’s Independent Premium Training, which is basically any post-test rider development, tailored to meet the client’s objectives, however, the foundation of those objectives would always be developed around Roadcraft.
Nick Walker

Steve Darby

I’ve been asked to write a few lines about myself and to introduce myself and provide a little background. Well, I’m Steve and I am one of the examiners covering both cars and motorcycles.
Like all examiners, I retired from the Police in 2010 having spent 25 of my 30 years on traffic and driver and rider training alternating between both for my last 14 years of service.
Having left the Police I moved into the Ambulance world working on front-line A&E ambulances basically around most of the country, you won’t be surprised to know that I was also involved in driver training with Ambulances too.
I’ve always loved bikes and got my first one at 16 and have always had at least one ever since, I currently have two motorcycles, a BMW GS1250A and a Honda Blackbird which I don’t think I’d ever sell, it is one of those bikes I had years ago and always regretted selling, so thought I’d get another one.
Anyway hopefull  I will get to meet a few of you in the coming months.
Drive and ride safe.