RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders – Cleveland Examiners

Ian Lince: Car Examiner

I have been involved with the local RoSPA group since its inception in September 1998 when I was appointed as an Examiner for RoSPA. I have been a Police Driver Trainer since 1994, involved in all aspects of training (excluding motorcycles). I am a fervent believer in the benefits of Advanced Training as we never stop learning and developing our driving skills. Anything which makes us a safer driver on the roads can only be considered a bonus.

I look forward to seeing associates come through for test having been coached by our group tutors who do a fantastic job, giving up their time to help people to enhance their driving skills.


Derrick Walton

I am currently an Advanced Tutor and examiner for RoSPA covering both cars and bikes although it is fair to say I tend to concentrate more on the bike side. I have held this position since the start of the Cleveland Group in 1998, a role I find both challenging and enjoyable. I am hoping to take a step back from the examining at the end of the year and concentrate more on tutoring and becoming a lot more hands on with the group in this respect so hopefully I will meet a few of you in the future.
Regards Derrick


Nick Walker

Hi all,
I was invited to become a RoSPA examiner in 2010, around the time I was planning my retirement from Cleveland Police’s dedicated Bike Section.  I am appointed as an examiner for Bikes and Cars, however, I only take car tests as and when the dedicated car examiners are unavailable for any length of time, or if there is some kind of back log.
So, riding bikes for leisure doesn’t happen for me that often due to riding most of the week for my job as an instructor.  Quite often, I get to the weekend and enjoy giving my backside a break.

When riding for leisure I’m more inclined to stick my Beta 250 trials bike on my trailer and head off to Dalton woods near Croft, although that’s a fairly rare occurrence in what is becoming a busier life than it should be once you’re on the wrong side of 50.

In relation to conducting tests, I like to keep things fairly relaxed, and I make every effort to put associates at ease before they start their ride.  Always remember, everybody starts their test with a Gold.  Just relax and enjoy the ride…  Nick.


Steve Darby (steve.darby@cleveland-roadar.co.uk)

Some of you may have noticed I pop up twice on this section! The reason for that is I have recently been appointed as an Examiner for RoSPA, a role which I am looking forward to fulfilling over the next few years. I have been involved in Advanced Motorcycle Training and Examining now in its various guises for different organisations since 1995 when I became an examiner for the IAM. Two years later I was lucky enough to undergo a Police Driver Trainers Course and since then have been acting as a trainer for both cars and bikes including Off Road Bikes over the preceding years so as you can guess I am a fervent believer in the benefits of Advanced Training.

Hopefully I will get to meet lots of you over the next few years when you come for test.