Now Full First Aid Course – For Bikers and Drivers

March 23, 2013 @ 9:30 am – 4:30 pm
Community Engagement Building (Stranton Fire Station)
Hartlepool TS24 7QY
The fees will be paid for by the group
Peter Dillon

Hi all, we are having a first aid course on the 23rd of March. Anyone who wants to join us please contact me asap as there are only 12 places at the moment…and they are going fast….Peter

Here are the details:

This course was written as a motorcycle first person on scene course, it is just as valuable for car drivers.

Students will receive ‘class-room tuition’ but will spend a significant proportion of their time in the open, dressed in their motorcycle clothing dealing with a variety of incidents they may come across whilst out and about on their motorcycles. 

Not only does the course deal with Basic Life Skills but looks at practical problems in making a 'scene safe'.

The course will be held in the Community engagement building attached to Stranton fire station in Stockton Street, Hartlepool.

The building is a large blue porta-cabin style within the fire station with access from the front off Stockton street next to the station appliance bays; right hand side as you look at the station; and access from the station yard off Clark street.

There is no parking on site for cars inside the station yard, bikes will be allowed in. There is parking in Clark street and four parking bays near the access door at the front of the building one being a disabled bay; this can be used as we will have the building to ourselves.

Please do not go to the station for information or access the tutor will be there from 0900. If you come in the station yard on foot, walk straight towards the blue building and come in the side door, not the one near the cars.

If you come into the yard on a bike, park as close to the blue building. If you come to the front the first door up the ramp will be open come in and ring the bell.

There will be tea/coffee and biscuits available but you will be required to bring their lunch with them.

It is better if people come on bikes with their gear on for obvious reasons.

If people have to come by car please bring you motorcycle riding gear including helmet with you. If you are not a bike rider please wear warm clothing and be prepared to lie on the ground outside.